Sunday, September 13, 2009


Just want to talk bout myself..Mm..I know..Nt every1 knws me well..I thnk just my fam n my close friends in Sabah..Actually,i spent 3/4 of my life in Sabah..Haha..Okok..Lets talk bout me:P..Erm,d most important think u have to knw is wat makes me angry and wat i really hate in friendship..K..Im really good wit i dn like wen ppl rude to me..i mean like talk smtng dat will 'hurts' me or wtv..hahaha..if sm1 does it to me..perghh..u'll gt some frm serious:P..alryte,2ndly..pls pls pls..dn talk bad thing bout my prnts..PANTANG NENEK MOYANG AKU..nk mampos?haha..ok..dh hbs psl nih..Mm,wat makes me happy huh?Idk..As long as ur good wit me,i'll be happy being wit u..dats all kot..haha..My nickname?Wen i was in Sabah(again..aha)..My friends called me ghaz/ usually my boys call me ghaz..otherwise,my 'girlfriends':P call me ghaza..i dn,im to wear shirts n like to spend my time wit my friends,play guitar,football,video games n so out-going,adventurous,sensitive?,n smtimes emo:P..pergh..dh mls nak type..tanye je la..haha..